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Logo Laser - Series F
Logo-engraving technology is touch-free, made in one take.
That is flexibly combined with spot-type, line-type and surface-type to design many different patterns for clients’ actual requirements.

Logo-engraving is an innovation for dual effects on lighting and advertising.
Uniquely innovative pattern design for clients who carries business in chain hotels or chain stores, an illuminator with own-design logo pattern is marvelous for both lighting and advertising in every corner.
We define this series as shine your charm and create your every single success.

Project-engineering Orientation - TB
Patent detachable LED power supply design.
The intention of this patent product is to solve the issue of heat dissipation and maintenance cost.
Design with the most advanced photoelectric separation technology, LED driver was put into one-end plastic cover and push into LED tube body, through fixing the special plastic ring between the end cap and tube body to strengthen its natural IP rank and beautify appearance image, finally fixing the screw at the connection joint to intensify its whole structure. Its special design facilitates low maintenance cost and time.
Compared with the T8 and T10 tubes have ever existed in the market, led driver was putting beneath the PCB, it always brings heat radiation issue due to the limited space. According to EU market feedback, the current LED tube structure meets the challenged bottleneck especially when project illumination requires up to 5600Lm, this flexible driver design offers lots of possibilities furthermore. Our second solution is double-driver putting at the both end-cap to achieve high lumen output for 1500mm tube model.
Build-in driver which have been approved by TUV/UL /FCC /SAA/ CTICK /CE/ROHS /DLC.
Tube body and led driver separates from each other to avoid risk of electricity, it is a 100% reliable product from Londeed engineering team 26 months’ test experience, Londeed promises 5-year warranty at least.

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