Distributors' Choice - TA


LED T8 Tubes are a retrofit replacement for T8 fluorescent tubes and only require minor electrical modifications to the existing fitting, or they can be installed with new fitting, both achieving approximately 60% energy savings!
Why we recommend Oval T8 tube?
From the lateral angle, its size is 28.5mm as T8 diameter.
From the vertical angle, its size is 32.5mm as T10 diameter.
This enables replacement meanwhile for T8 and T10, traditional fixture installation never be the question.
Another benefit, the lateral extension enables PCB and PC cover matched well with each other, the junction of black-area is well improved from the profile side.

Project-engineering Orientation - TB


Patent detachable LED power supply design.
The intention of this patent product is to solve the issue of heat dissipation and maintenance cost.
Design with the most advanced photoelectric separation technology, LED driver was put into one-end plastic cover and push into LED tube body, through fixing the special plastic ring between the end cap and tube body to strengthen its natural IP rank and beautify appearance image, finally fixing the screw at the connection joint to intensify its whole structure. Its special design facilitates low maintenance cost and time.