Professional LED office lighting Solution


verage saving 80%!
LED panel lighting is a reliable choice, have no doubt, it is the future.
Londeed panel lights feature advanced edge-lit technology, providing a smooth full light effect without any shading effects. Our panels are suitable for both commercial and domestic applications, and are designed to fit directly into existing standard suspended ceilings and recessed fixture. Naturally they can be surface mounted to ceilings or walls as well. One series of Lond

eed panel lights focus on advertising enterprise and brand image through the way of logo-engraving pattern upon the light surface, a marvelous “shine the charm” panel would be inspiring every success.
When comparing the illumination of LED panels with traditional light sources, lots of merit stand out. The energy consumption of LED panels is much lower and the lifespan significantly longer. That’s why it is a reliable choice when you’re looking for an